Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Dedicated to Han Quan

I looked back at my previous few posts in this blog and realised, firstly, I haven't been updating for months. I do put some of the blame on facebook status updates, photo uploads as all these contribute to telling my friends what I am up to these days, hence reducing the need for blogging. I thought for a bit and came to a conclusion that blogging serves to remind MYSELF of the things I have done, want to remember and experiences and feelings I am feeling at that point in time. Hence, I decided, to the best of my abilities, I would blog again - not on random events but dedicated to things, people, times that I want to keep with me and never forget. This blog entry is dedicated to a good friend of mine who is going off to US for his studies, perhaps never coming back ever again.

In my 24 years of my life, I encountered many events which transcends happiness to sadness. Many of my friends had gone overseas for studies and work for a period of time, say 1 year to 3 years. Each time a friend leaves for SEP, work-related travel or uni-studies, I will feel a sudden lost. I am not exaggerating this. I think it relates back to my personality as an emotional person, a boy (now a man) who values friendship a lot. I once had a conversation with Jasmine regarding the workings of friendships. I told her: once the friendship is established beyond a certain level, there is no need for the parties involved to constantly meet up. Instead, we can be separated for a very long period of time yet still remains as good pals, with the flame of friendship burning beautifully. This time, things are however a bit different. This good friend of mine is leaving for US, and perhaps, never coming back to Singapore. I got a sudden feeling that I had permanently lost a friend but yet his reassurance made me felt that this feeling I got is WRONG. I had not lost a friend, but instead we have to keep this flame burning. Here is where I should put what I learnt to good use - with globalisation and the advent of technology, the world is becoming borderless, and there is always the possibility of me flying over to the states to visit him, or him coming back to Singapore for a holiday again. This propels me to work hard, earn more money to fulfil this purpose. I am not very good with expressing my words and feelings, but I would like him to know that I am veyr grateful to have known you and sincerely thank you for all the good memories we had together. Take good care of yourself overseas and I will see you next year there. Bye friend. Bon Voyage.


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