Monday, February 07, 2011

the feeling of lost

during CNY, i heard many predictions about how the luck of the different zodiacs are rather bad this year.. which I must say its quite true.

I am feeling lost yet again. Feeling helpless that I cannot offer my help to a friend who is so close to my heart. I get the feeling that A does not want my help in anyway, but still a large part of me want to help A. This feeling sucks big time and I cannot help but feel that way. I am afraid I will lose A in time to come. Please, let that be FALSE.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


:) Happy! ~

Friday, August 06, 2010

ASEAN-Korea Frontier Forum Day 1

Day 1: today is much of a tired and knowing-people day. Having NOT really slept during the flight which experienceed turbulence on a regular basis - hence the seat belt sign is on-off-on-off-on-off, with the same announcement being made, disrupting the movies/audio systems. Then upon reaching Seoul, we went to the hostel and formal meeting starts soon after :)

We got our discussion topic, discussed a little then went on our campus tour :) Played Domino at night, before sneaking out (ok, walking out i mean) to the nearby EMART which is really a combination of everything - with the size of bigger than carrefour Singapore (and note that it is located in a shopping mall).

Had internet connection - yay.
And happy to hear that Han Quan has arrived safely in US. TAKE CARE FREN.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

星光6.5 班毕业了!

(谢谢 Cheng Hyork 提供这张宣传海报 !)

参赛者在11.30 左右全体聚集在 TOPONE KTV 准备参与星光6。5 的PK 对决赛。



星光6.5冠军是... ... BINGYI!

Friday, July 23, 2010

When medical skills is really put to the test

23 July 2010 - Friday. It was just like another friday morning, coming to my usual sitting location, preparing myself for the day - when it happened.

Received news that a boy had fell down and was bleeding badly. Help is on the way, but as a first aider, I must established the first point of contact. Luckily, WP was with me - he is a trained medic. We rushed to the location and started applying first aid to the boy. Suddenly everything I learnt in my course - ALL IN THEORY and MOCK PRACTICALS flashed back. In my mind was.. what should I do when I see this, see that? I tell myself to remain calm, but I can still feel my hands trembling a bit because now everything is REAL. i remembered the few vital things that I must do then, with the help of WP, we did whatever we can to (i) check for injuries/ broken bones (ii) keep the boy conscious (iii) stop his bleeding (iv) ensure he can breathe properly by unbuttoning the top button of his shirt etc. I know (r
ather indirectly) the boy that adds on to the emotional intensity. The paramedics arrived and the boy was escorted to the hospital. Knowing first aid is essential, though one may not use it for a long time, you will never know when you will need the skills.

Boy B was usually noisy and loud. BUT he was responsible today. A different side.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


有人说: 知道的越少可能是件好事。但有些人却期望知道多一点。当事实摆在面前时, 心想勇敢面对, 但行动却是逃避的行为。

我有一位朋友跟我说: 如果我在这方面成功,我一定会通知你, 让你知道,分享我的喜悦。
我说: 好啊。但在我心灵的深处有一点点的不想知道,因为我知道我会伤心。


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Engage, Enjoy and Enrich

I am quite attached and married to this summer university holidays I must say. I decided to engage myself fully and enjoy this last 'full-holidays' I can enjoy as a student.

Prior to exams in May: Helping Dr TC Chang and Dr Sallie Yea with their research.
After exams in May: Helping to prepare for Field Studies 2010.
Late May to Mid June: Field Studies 2010 Helper.
Mid-June to Early July: Continued RA work for Dr Chang and Dr Yea.
Early July to Early Aug: Continued RA work for Dr Chang and Dr Yea + Teaching Assistant at Hwa Chong Institution.
First 2 weeks of Aug: ASEAN-Korea Frontier Forum (Pending)
3rd Week of Aug: Youth Olympic Games (Floor Manager)

P.S. sch starts 2nd week of aug. Oops.