Friday, July 23, 2010

When medical skills is really put to the test

23 July 2010 - Friday. It was just like another friday morning, coming to my usual sitting location, preparing myself for the day - when it happened.

Received news that a boy had fell down and was bleeding badly. Help is on the way, but as a first aider, I must established the first point of contact. Luckily, WP was with me - he is a trained medic. We rushed to the location and started applying first aid to the boy. Suddenly everything I learnt in my course - ALL IN THEORY and MOCK PRACTICALS flashed back. In my mind was.. what should I do when I see this, see that? I tell myself to remain calm, but I can still feel my hands trembling a bit because now everything is REAL. i remembered the few vital things that I must do then, with the help of WP, we did whatever we can to (i) check for injuries/ broken bones (ii) keep the boy conscious (iii) stop his bleeding (iv) ensure he can breathe properly by unbuttoning the top button of his shirt etc. I know (r
ather indirectly) the boy that adds on to the emotional intensity. The paramedics arrived and the boy was escorted to the hospital. Knowing first aid is essential, though one may not use it for a long time, you will never know when you will need the skills.

Boy B was usually noisy and loud. BUT he was responsible today. A different side.


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