Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to mE and bingYi

Thanks to the Sounders (+ Wenjian) for this K-ing session :)

The Be-Lated and Be-Earlied Birthday Boys :)

What's THIS?!!?

A Match-Making Session?


It is suppose to be a 'FAMILY PORTRAIT'

So fun, we have to go out again! after exams k!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Geog Soc Pitstop Outing

A BIG Thank you to Prof Chang and Dr Lim for the treat. It was great and I have a great great time there!I believe the others too!

Geog Soc with Prof Chang

Me 'signing' the BIG NAME of NUS GS after the president did her opening 'signature'.

Png Peishan looks PRETTY. We all dress-up that day :)

Outside the FULLERTON Shot. :)

Thanks again everyone! I enjoyed yesterday and am definately looking forward to the OFT soon. (Hopefully I can go. OMG)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I dont know what to say...
I am happy, yet I am not.
I wanted to be close, yet I felt difficult to do so...
I wanted to leave but I cannot bear to do so...

What can i do?
I dont know.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

We are a SHOW on our own! - Emcees @ Dramafest 2008

A late Emcee who disrupts in the middle of announcement to switch off ALL hps.

Getting changed after being late in less than 15 seconds - for Boobs Play

Ugly wife with a disgusted husband who cannot take it anymore!

A 'loving maid' who is having an affair with the owner.

I cannot take it anymore! I need to confess... I just... SHE MADE ME DO IT!


Have you gone for parties before? Have you? Have you?

Mummy saying is a waste of time to go party!

A close up view of terrible mum.

Just before the performance! A Random Photo.

Happy 22nd!

Thanks to all my family, relatives and friends for celebrating and wishing me happy birthday. This year is one of my happiest birthdays and I will always remember.

My very FIRST 22nd Birthday Celebration in NUS on 20th Mar 2008 with:
Pei Shan, Winnie
Hui Shi, Phua
Phang, Valarie
Lim, Melissa

Thanks for the brownie and sweets and easter eggs!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy 22nd Birthday

Happy Birthday to Jonathan WANG DEGUANG.
You have just entered the 22nd year in your life journey.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I realised.

I realised I need to let it go.

Living in your memory is so tiring...
U are not at fault. It is me who chose this path.
I want to live in your memory.
I know I have to give up already.
I know that you have let go.
I will let go.
Though it is difficult for me...
I will let go.

I cannot understand why this road is not like what is portrayed.
Whenever I see the videos, I will think a lot.
But I have decided to give up and continue walking down this path.

My life is so complicated...
One is always so good to me...
But I am trapped in the memory of the past.
I won't anymore.

But I cannot accept 'a new life' because of this memory.
This cut is too deep to mend.
It has been so long.

What should I do.
I am very tired, very stressed, very very ....

My wish fulfilled!

5 years ago, I went for the auditions for EMCEE for 'An Evening of Drama' and was rejected.

5 years later, I am the emcee for NUS Dramafest 2008. Not that I have not emcee-d before, but formal emcee isn't that much fun.

I feel like a HUANG CHENG EMCEE.
2 Guys 1 Girl!
A short (yet a bit abstract) intro to the plays.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

A lot of things to do!

Now that dramafest is over, the reality is back!

Assignments are dueing soon...
Readings are lagginf behind...
Tutorials are difficult to do...
Psychology is so tiring to read...
Economics midterms are un-do-able...
You are still overseas...

I seriously dunno what this post is all about but anyway the new week is beginning and i am getting STRESSED.

Or am i not?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Happy

Dear: ****** ***

Thanks for the encouragement.
Thanks for the advice.
Thanks for everything.

I will remember what you say.
I will remember what we did.

Once again, you have proven that you are a good person.
I miss you.

Stay safe my friend.

Dramafestival 2008!

Afters weeks of practice, Dramafestival 2008 put up a great great performance on friday 14th March 2008. There are simply too much photos to be uploaded and here are a few! FACEBOOK everybody!

We are the EMCEES for dramafest!

Finale Cast - This is such an orgy!

This is so GAY!

This is an INCEST! Oh my God.

I am with a LESBIAN!

On B Bus back to KR.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


To you: ****** ***

I am happy that I know u.
I am happy that u always treat me so well.
I am happy to just maintain this status quo.


I hope nothing's changed.
I apologise for what I have done,
I admit that I was too impatient.

I like the way things were that day.
I feel happy when we went out that afternoon.
I feel happy when we walked together, side by side.
I feel happy when we ate the same food.
I feel happy when we drank the same drink.

I hope to see you again real soon.
I miss you.
I really do.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Geography Challenge Prelims Stay Over + Huang Cheng 2008

A Messy Earth Lab during Prep!

At Wenjian's room

Spectacular Props

Curtain Call

3 Generations of Sounders

Friday, March 07, 2008

Pre Geography Challenge 2008

Geog Soc put in a lot of hardwork today for GC tomorrow. Some of us are staying over night in the Earth lab while the hall people, who are luckier gets the comfort of sleeping in their rooms :)

After months of hardwork (almost 6-7 months), prelims is finally less than 10 hours away. Hope everything goes well tomorrow.

We did so much today! Preparing the LTs, labelling the question papers, blah blah blah!!!

I love Geog Soc.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Geogsocers KBoX OuTing

An update of myself

Firstly, I am feeling very relieved right now... as if a huge burden have been lifted from me. After the disgusting PL1101E paper on monday (Which i prepared 2 days for) and it is still inadequate!!!, I felt very very happy. Though I made errors, it was nothing compared to the happy feeling that the test is over. One more to go next week - EC1101E!

My mood these days wasn't exactly at the peak. I was feeling rather agitated these days. Dunno what happen to me but i think it boiled down to simply my Hall Production. I ws supposed to be the emcee but apparently I was called off as I cannot attend a 2 hour (out of a whole day) rehearsal due to an important lesson. Fine. I offered my help and this is what i get in return. Just fine.

Dramafest is much better compared. I believe that it will be a better perfomance than Hall Prod. Not that I want to comdemn hall prod or anything but feedback gathered wasnt too good from the people. I shall not name but from what they say, I really felt happy that i am not inside anymore.

Sat is GC Prelims and I can put more effort into Geog Soc. :)
Singing Klunch afterwards :)

Oh lastly, I an chionging 2 shows. NOt exactly chioning lah.. just watching on channel U lor everyweek!

My Girl - This is so funny :)

Goong - This is totally delayed reaction from me.

Open House

A super duper delayed post! Open House cum Career Talk was held on 27th Feb @ NUS Grography Department. For me, it has been quite sometime since we organise such a big event. Nevertheless, it was a fun and enjoyable day where the geogsocers all come together.

A few pictures to round up the day!- kooped from winnie!