Sunday, November 26, 2006

Saturday and Sunday--- LINK?

I went shopping with Mum and Wendy on Saturday! And i did something very spendthrift on that day- I bought a N80, which cost like $600! Good gracious. Dinner was simple at a "dunno what restaurant" around somerset. Haha. Bingyi, Diva and I followed the path down and it led us to Liang Court. Haha.

Sunday 's (today actually) lunch was spent at Fisherman's Wharf with KS. It was today that i actually realised the difference between chips and french fries. Haha. When we were ordering our meal, the waitress ask us whether we want chips or french fries. Each of us chose one. End up the only difference was the colour (chips were darker) and that french fries were more crispy. Haha.

We then walked down to Chinatown where change 200 sing dollars to Korean Won. I ended up with 120000 WON in my wallet. Wow, i was sooooo rich!

What comes after this is very special. I went G. Hospital to visit Samatha ( KS's friend). KS ask me to follow him there and since i had nothing to do then, i agreed. I end up knowing 2 of his friends- Samantha and Jaime. Haha... i still feel that this is very funny. :)

I will be leaving for Korea next week! And there is soooo much things i have not done yet. Goodness.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Basic Theory Test



Had a celebration meal at Gelare with KS (who passed also).

Saturday, November 18, 2006

SOC Test


I came to realise that i have not done SOC for more than 1 year! On friday, i had my 2nd year SOC test. I knew i will not pass. And viola!!! I failed.

I received NUS letter. Once again, i have to go through in my mind whether or not i really want to go NUS. NTU and SMU are quite attractive too...I am at a loss...

Help me!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

December Forecast :)


Hey peeps! Currently my computer is still down, so pardon me for my lack of updates and lagging replies.

Friday 101106
After booking out, i went to Chinatown and gathered information on my KOREA vacation. I also met up with Kwok Siong's mum to tell her about the trip. After that, KS and me went to Mac to discuss which tour agency we should book.

Saturday 111106
Wenjian, Chunkit, Lionel and I met up at Holland V for a simple dinner. I, however, forgot the name of the restaurant/ cafe we had dinner in. Hahaha.

Sunday 121106
KS and I went down to 5 stars tour to book our KOREA trip! After which we had lunch at a zhi2 cha4 stall.

Here is my november and december forecast for the year 2006!
21th Nov: Basic Theory Test
1st- 3rd Dec: Yin Xiang Chalet
2nd- 9th Dec: Korea Vacation
25th Dec: Christmas

I would like to congratulate Bingyi, Junyi and all the guys who have ORDed!
Jia you for my 3 dears, ZueE YuExIn, XinwEi for thier exams!
Jiayou maVis, Zhiqi for ur exams too!
Jiayou Jamie, Yingjie for your Alevels!

Will be back soon...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Memories :)


There is a chinese saying that when converted to english that says: It is alright not possess something forever and just to have a nice sweet memory of it once.

Some memories are sweet and beautiful... and they will last for a lifetime. Trust me when i say "a lifetime" cos it really does. Something one will only encounter once/twice in their entire life and then it just stops and never returns.

I will treasure these memories and all the person who gave me them Thank You.

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