Monday, August 20, 2007

Into NUS...

It has been a really long time since i last blogged. Time really flies. Since the time I ORD until when my hall orientation starts, my life encircles working. I spent 5 months working and this experience proves invaluable and enriching. This job, besides giving me a stable income also gave me many friends.

I went into Kent Ridge Hall in NUS and till date, I never regretted being a true blue KentRidgeon. I still remember that the day of my move- in, KR seniors crowded round the taxi, just to help me and my mum carry the luggages inside. All the way, they brought me into my room and rendered loads of help. After cleaning up my room, mum went back and i joined them for the week- long KR Orientation.

The 1-2 weeks long orientation proved very fun and enjoyable My OG group was Trabeus and i made many great friends there. I dont really know how to explain but KR really lived up to its expectation of a family hall.

Rag and Flag was another excellant experience. 6 hours of standing and continual asking for donations was indeed tiring but the fulfilment when 2 tins are filled with coins and notes is simple great! 'Hi Sir, would you like to donate to charity?' and 'Thank you very much, have a nice day' was repeated almost 1-2 thousand times non- stop. Me and Audrey (my fellow b- blocker) felt a load of achievement after this event.

Being a RAG helper was tiring but the fact that I can participate in rag is a once- in-a-lifetime experience. KR rag apparently was the most impressive and majestic, given the sheer size. The whole event in padang was successfully held and I believed NUS RAG people (dancers, helpers etc) all enjoyed the whole event!

Star-to- Burst, a freshie K6 (culture) production for the seniors was held in appreciation for all their help during orientation. Special thanks first to my KRX seniors who gave their invaluable help, Michelle who help me take pictures during my stage performance and xuemin, who rushed back for my play. I acted in KRY, a drama production, as a flirt! It was a great experience acting something out of my ususl self and it enables me to explore new boundaries and discover more about myself. I was now known in KR as the 'jerk' or the 'paul-2-hill'.

School was indeed bad. Cos hall's Inter-block games are coming, there are numerous training and sleeping hours are minimised. Thus, what I constantly dozed off during lectures. School's aside, i realised i had very little time for my friends. Sorry but we will meet up someday k! Especially to my YX mates, we shall have YX outing soon!