Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My ONE and ONLY 21st Birthday

My ONE and ONLY 21st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Jon
Happy Birthday to Jon
Happy Birthday to Jonathan
Happy Birthday to Jon!!!

Today marks the 21st year into my life. How time really flies... Still remember the time when i was in kindergarden when i am very white and fat.. Then primary school where most of the time is spent playing freeze-and-melt, catching, zero- point and decorating classrooms with coloured chalks during Teacher's Day... my RV days, where lots of mugging starts and where i knew my good friends... Hwa Chong days when Huang Cheng became part and parcel of my life, all my classmates, yinxiang mates.. NS days where i finally experience how soldiers are... Working days where i have a taste of how working in a business world is like...

21 years old...

Hereby i would like to thank these pple who sent Birthday SMSes to me (in order of time)
Bingyi, Yue Xin, A. Tay, Karen, Wen Jian, Xue Fen, Lionel, Yirui, Chun Kit, Zhiqi, Wendy, Nic, Christabel, Kwok Siong and Jeff.

Would like to thank Belinda for her nice piece of choc- mousse cake this very morning!
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Would like to thank my group of colleagues for celebrating this special day with me.. I am really surprised! Oh and is my fav choc- mousse cake!
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Would like to say i LOVE my family! And the cake is double white cum normal choc- mousse!
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Though i did not throw a huge party, i would say it is really still a memorable day :) I love u GuYs!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

A diary of many events

A diary of many events…

I knew I haben been updating my blog for a VERY LONG TIME. So much things has happened during these times and as more and more things pile up, I have lesser time doing my blog. All my friends would have realized that I haven been on MSN for a very long time. As much as I want to be online, time does not allow me to. Sorry to all my dear friends whom I have not spoken to for so long. I will try to be online as frequent as I can.

After my ORD on 6th Feb, I began to work in an investment company. Working hours are long from 8.30am to 6.30pm, sometimes when work is too much, OT is required.But, my friends at work are super nice people. Work, though hectic is also fun at times.

Chinese New Year was so different this year compared to last year. My hair can be dyed and left longer and I styled myself more than usual this year. CNY as a civilian is really very different from as an NSF. There is no need to worry about book in and timings, while all the time is spent on thinking of what to play and what to do.

Then on the Friday before zuee’s birthday, we celebrated at Café Cartel in Raffles City. Happy 20th Birthday Zuee! Hmm.. time really flies, we already knew each other for about 4 years already.

I also made a bunch of new friends! One of which I realized is my senior from HC. He is now a medicine student @ NUS. How cool it is to have a doctor friend next time. J

Huang Cheng was held on the 11th of March. It was my 5th Huang Cheng and I would still say that it was brilliant. Though I wasn’t as involved in this production as when I was in J1 and J2, I can still feel the effort put in by my juniors. The first show was about relationships and is depicted using the “bus- stop”. 2nd play was about how a lady, who wanted to rise up the corporate ladder, used various means and ways to reach her goals. I think it was too abstract and thus made the whole play boring. The 3rd one’s idea was innovative. It was about the difference between the rich and poor. The poor is depicted using weaving maiden and cow-herd while the rich is depicted using Cinderella and her prince. The question is: would u choose a poor fellow who LOVES u so much or a rich tycoon who treats relationship very lightly? Nicely directed and acted this play I would say is quite successful. I am definitely looking forward to Huang Cheng 08 next year!

Then comes the 2nd half of march. An important event will be coming shortly- my 21st Birthday. I was actually thinking of having a huge celebration but my grams was admitted to the hospital around 2 weeks ago and I sort of decided that this year, though is my 21st Birthday, I would not have a huge celebration. A small cosy one would be nice too. Grams is discharged yesterday and it was really very happy to see her out of hospital. At least my birthday can be spent with more relieve and happiness. I am looking forward to Wednesday…

Last but not least, since I haben been updating for so long, maybe no one read my blog already but still I will keep this blog going. It would be a nice diary when I grow old and look back at what I have done during my teenage years- all about my family, my friends and interesting things I have done.

To tell my family- I really love them a lot and to all my friends- treasure your family. Time is precious and one can only be truly happy if he/she lives his/her life to the fullest. ")