Friday, March 31, 2006

Shopping again! weekend :)

Book out early today! 1520 in CV :)

Went shopping with Mavis @ city hall.. yea! So happy.. finally bought clothes :) Haha...

Thursday, March 30, 2006

24km Route March completed!!!

Yay!!! After a gruelling 12hours, i finally completed the 24km route march. Although i walked the distance before, this walk is different because of 2 things: the terrain was much much more difficult & there is a timing to meet. Two words that were oftern heard from the commanders: CLOSE UP!!! Haiz.. trying as hard as we can to close up, sometimes it is jus impossible...

We started off the march with 12 ppl... 3 fell out after we walked 12km... The rest of us pursued on with only 1 wish: to completed this march so that we need not redo it ever again!!! Yup..

Seriously speaking, i (actually all of us) feel that we walked more than 24km... haiz.. got cheated..

I am so sad.. 32km coming up... HOW TO SURVIVE!!!

Blocking leave on mon and tues...

Happy Birthday Meng Keat!!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Happy day!

Went shopping with Yue Xin today fer Bingyi's birthday present. We shopped all the way from Taka to PS. Haha.. finally settled for something presentable for him... yupz.. ZueE and XinWei cannot make it..

Met Chuan Yang today at City Link to pass him my appraisal form. Still remembered our conversation:

CY: Want me to give all full marks a not?
JON: Can meh? tout impossible for pple to get perfect score?
CY: You are one of my BEST GUNNERS leh!

Felt very very happy upon hearing that. Yup... An extremely nice person he is :)

Then went my auntie's house to play the organ!!! Yay!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Heritage Tour

Stay out on Thurs.. Yay!! Went to Far East with KS, JC n WL. KS wanna buy PSP. Since i have nothin to do, i followed them there lo.. Managed to cut the price of the Memory card by $5! I feel so so "market auntie". Haha...

Oh.. the heritage tour today was quite boring though.. except for the part where we visited the Indian Temple. It was really an eye opener! Went out to eat later with JX, KL and QY. JX left after lunch. The rest of us then went to the Guan Yin Temple to offer our prayers. Yup.. first time going temple with my platoon mates... Rotted a while outside then went back home.

Next week will be very busy... 24km route march, CSB test etc... EEKS!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Stepping into the 20th year of my life, a lot has changed. Really.
This birthday was really memorable~ 21st march spent OUTFIELD.

Feel like thanking so many people!
First n foremost...
My family fer your celebration
Bingyi n Xue Ting fer your celebration n t-shirt
Wen Jian fer your celebration n hiking pouch
Junyi, Christabel, Xuefen, Lionel fer your birthday messages
Yirui fer your birthday card n book mark
Qin Yuan, Kwok Siong, Jing Xian, Jia Cai, Guan Rong, Kok Wei, Andy, Ming Han, Chuan Ru, Yuda, Wei Lun, Khengli, Wei liang, Meng Keat fer your card n present.

Thanks thanks!

Happy Birthday to me!
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Monday, March 20, 2006

Birthday Celebration :)

My family celebrated my birthday for me on Saturday. The durian cake was specially bought from Goodwood Park Hotel, since it is their speciality in baking this flavour. Haha.. it was really v v v nice :) Got presents from my family too. My aunts gave me red packets n a pair of spectacles. My daddy gave me red packet also. Haha.. so nice of them.

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Went to the tree top trail with Wenjian n Bingyi on Sunday morning. I must say that the trail itself was quite enticing. The whole journey was suppposingly 10km, so I thought that the trail maybe about 2km long. However, i was wrong. It was only around 200m!!! Haha...not bad though cos the trip was scenic. We passed by Singapore Island Country Club, saw many beautiful sights... On our way back, it rained! Luckily, we got to shelter fast before the actual downpour. Phew! Then, we went North Point to rot...

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We chanced upon this neoprint machine. Since we did not take neoprint for a v long time, we decided to try out this machine. There is this function on the machine that allows us to take 16 shots consecutively. 16!!! haha.. the camara will take every photo in intervals of 2s.. haha.. u can imagine what happen... We are lost for poses!! haha

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Met up with Xueting for dinner. Haha.. Xinwei and Yuexin cannot make it last min.. so ke xi.. haha..went to Viliage ( a restaurant similar to Marche ). Yup.. not bad la...They bought a Choc cake and a Waffle for me to celebrate my Birthday! Thanks guys for the celebration and the presents... Went Swensens after that..

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It was v fun that day. Thanks guys again for celebrating my 20th Birthday!
Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Special Ed!

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Me n SuperHost Finalist, YunYing ( she was one yr my senior!)
Huang Cheng RocKs!!!

Huang Cheng Rox!!!

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黄城夜韵 2006





三个月的努力,三小时的演出,三分钟的谢幕, 让黄城完美落幕。 黄城赞]

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lucky Lucky!!!

With so so so MUCH at stake, passing ATP is really VERY VERY VERY stressful. After scoring a 13/24 for my day shoot, i need a 7/16 for my night shoot to pass ATP overall. Seeing results of the M16 & M203 gunners wasn't exactly encouraging. Night shoot i got 11/24. Phew!!

Special thanks to my frens who gave me support:
1. Mavis ~ who said that she will pray for me
2. XueTing ~ who said she will transfer some of her luck to me
3. Qin Yuan ~ who send me messages of encouragement ( his rifle too)
& many many many others who help me in one way or another.

Watching Huang Cheng tonight. After a v v v long time.
Oh.. btw wishing Cailing a belated happy birthday n Chun Kit becoming an Officer!

Do you believe in Aura? Look at this 2 pics: they are taken from the exact same place:

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


~MP sudden check on our Battallion... thus our book out timin is delayed!
~Brigade Games day! Effectively did nothing. Perhaps seeing ppl getting splashed by water.
~Had a meetin with Xueting over our essays. I was totally disgusted by the fact dat i need to write an essay to enter NTU! Eeks... ZueE's essay is done too.. Finally got somethin done @ Whitesand's MAC from like 12-2pm.. hahax..

This week i will get confined!!! ATP: Wish me luck ppl!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

CarEEr fair!

Went to see the supposingly largest career fair ever with Bingyi and Xueting.
~Disappointing :(

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Chance upon pics!!!

A huge 02,03,04 S64 reunion!
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At MAF!!
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Doing CIP~
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Ubin Trip!!!

Haha.. Went out of my house at 8.15am! so so early... travelled to Tampines to meet WJ n BY. We are gg P. Ubin. Kept this trip a total secret cos i know it would be a big hoo-ha if i made known. Started off with a boat ride of 15mins. We then cycled all e way around e island using only our map! Saw some nice sceneries along e way...

At the end of the trip, we got tanned ( actually sun burned)!!!

We then travelled to Changi Airport to have SwenseNs!!! Dinner @ Popeyes..

Nice Ubin Trip!!!

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Friday, March 03, 2006

waLk arounD..

I walked home from Tiong Bahru Plaza today... a whole round.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

V V Happie!!!

Wed was the release of the A level results. Was very worried for my juniors actually... *hope my wishes n luck helps*.. haha.. I am really glad that they did well for their exams!!! So relieved!!

& Mavis did v well too!! she was like so so happi!! Well done cousin!

Oh...Went out with Xue Ting on her collection of A levels. She got 4As n B3! Same grade as me.. *bring back some happi n sad memories* Happy for my 4As but sad for my S-geog which i got ungraded!!* haha.. anw they are over le...

Hwa Chong JC ( i still refused to called it HCI) did well dis year. Apparently 43% of the students got 4As. According to the website, she was ranked 1st for consecutively 4 yrs :)
~~RJC did VERY WELL.. 59% 4As.. Oh well...

I passed my ICCT!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! 5mins of doing breakfalls, locks, release from holds n fighting etc!! No more of this!!!