Monday, August 28, 2006

Sankes on the plane

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I forgo-ed my long anticipated dim-sum buffet for a movie! (which to many are uninteresting)

WJ: I scare of snakes! No no..
KS: See how la.. not too interested..
YuE xIn: I dont want watch.

Thanks sooooooo much BY for watching the movie with me! haha.. and the movie proved its worth.

The movie is rated NC-16 for violence and gore BUT apparently there was a scene of NUDITY. That i suppose add to the NC-16 rating. True enough, the sudden appearance os the poisonous snakes on screen proved to be scary. The way the snakes attack are gruesome and disgusting!!! BUT really, it was good. Not a typical flight movie of hijack or sorts. Nicely done.

At least the flight attendants are portrayed as good and responsible people ( unlike them in FLIGHT PLAN ). Though they are a bit bitchy and slutty. Hahahaha...

BY ask me what will i do if there are really snakes on the plane.

" I will be calm"

Clearly thats what a qualified Flight Attendant should do.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


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Jus a short summary of wad happen these few days:
I went K box with WJ and BY. . then went Orchard with WJ.
I went K box with my sis today.

I am very confused as to which University i should go to pursue my further studies. Each university has its own plus points and its minus points. Though my placement at NUS is fixed but i am still confused as to where I really should go.

Prestige + Close Proximity - 4 yr education - Math sux!!

3 yr course + Fav Specialisaiton - Location

Vibrant + Nice env + close proximity - 4 yr course


Friday, August 25, 2006


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Ah-Gil was secretly taken photograph by an unknown source when she was changing in the changing room at the end of the Genting Concert. This is a super bad reflection on the media society. Everybody has his/her privacy. Jus imagine of this happens to you. How will you feel?

2 feelings came to my mind.

to the person who planted the camara there:
can you please STOP it and realised that this is TOTALLY wrong and unmoral action.

to Ah-Gil:
Don't worry so much. It will pass soon. Cheer up!

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Atec is OVER!

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Finally, after months and months of preparation, 2SIR went for his FINAL BATTLE, led by CO Ltc Y H Wong ( a hwa chong scholar btw ). 3 missions which lasted for 4D3N proved very tiring and not easy to deal with. However, i got through them.

Shell scrape was unavoidable. BUT the surprising thing was that 4 shellscrapes was dug within 1hr by 6 people. Formidable. Haha. Walking with the MILAN load was DISGUSTING when the terrain is uneven and the whole stretch of road looks never ending. My platoon walked the distance and the next 2 missions was on JEEP. Somehting which we really really wanted badly. Anymore walking may jus kill us all. Yup.

Bites by mosquitoes and sandlfies was common and i was not spared from this. Sian. OFF spray was useful but we still suffered from bites.

Food was great. If you understand what i mean.

"Camo on". This is a RUBBISH phrase. Yup... i will not hear them anymore :)

This Atec will not be possible without the following people:
1. Edward and Vincent
2. Section 1 mates: QY, Shanker, Khengli
3. PingZong
4. My platoonmates


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Nice Rest before Atec!

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Instead of going Sentosa for Battalion’s Games Day, me, QY and Wei Liang stayed back in camp to help PS Vincent to do the MILAN test set for Atec next Monday to Thursday( hopefully don’t extend to Friday). Everything is done by 1100 and we booked out at 12. The rest of my platoon had their fun also in Sentosa. Congrats to SpCoy for winning the overall champion! J

YC treated the 3 of us to Korean Cuisine at Chinatown. My first try at Korean food. I must say it is indeed delicious except that it is spicy. But, overall I would still give a 7/10. Woo. We then went to travel agencies to check the prices of our Taiwan trip. Hmm.. amounts to around Sg600. Yup. Me and QY then went to Liang Court. Oh.. I bought Aya Ueto’s Attention Please. Super nice! We then went Suntec for dinner. Our legs really walk till “Shaky” haha…

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Met KS to watch movie “ The Break- Up”. Haha… quite funny lar. It teaches us that we need to treasure relationships between people regardless is it love, friendship, kinship or anything else...Yup! Then we ate the Indo- cuisine for dinner… Wahaha. I would jus like to say something to him: You are REALLY very innovative!

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Today met up with BY, ZueE, YuExIn and wEiwEi for movie session. It was decided beforehand that we watch “Ghost Camp” but upon realizing that it was only rated 1*, we decided to give it a miss. Instead, we watched “An American Haunting”, a supposingly nicer film since it is based on a REAL life experience of some sort. Haha. End result: FLOPPED. NO one really understood the whole movie about the Poltergeist thingy. Yup. Haha.. then we went Swensens for Ice-Cream!

Booking in tomorrow morning.

Atec. 1 week.


Monday, August 14, 2006

OFF DaY ")

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I am on OFF today!! Yay!!

Went out with KS today. Explored City Hall area. Haha.. had Swensens for lunch.

Jon: Thank you for treating me to Swensens. (he had voucher lah)
KS: Thank you for treating me to Swensens. ( cos i paid the balance of $3.90 out of $43.90)

Haha. But seriously, thanks for the treat :)

Started to rot miserably after that...
-wanted to watch movie but dont have any to watch "(
-wanted to play table hockey but cannot find in Marina Arcade "(
-decided to drink Starbucks but Millenia Walk's outlet closed down "(
Ended up at Coffee Bean.

Oh no.. today is a day where i kept saying wrong words:
1. Baleno = Balare
2. Big Bird is from Macdonalds (where it should come from Sesame Street)
3. Pronounce the Breaded Chicken M******* wrongly.
( i dont know how to spell also)
4. Bow( as in bow and arrow) + Bow ( ju1 gong1) = Bow ( with a special pronounciation)
5. Promised KS something that i should not have AGREED at all... Oh no...

DeGuanG's Quote: NoBOdY makEs mY DaY, I bAkE mY owN caKe ")
copyright 2006

RAG + Flea Market

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Went to NUS to support ZueE on Saturday morning...

Xinwei and I are supposed to meet at 10 at BV station control. Xinwei came LATE and I had stomachache... the STUPID 95 bus wait so so so long. We reached NUS at 1045...

RAG was quite well- done from my point of view :) So much effort is put in!!!
Good Job Guys :) Excellant work Zuee!!!

PhaRmacY n Mare-mare the PonY
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Went out with KS to the LIME FLEA MARKET in the afternoon. Oh no! It is soooooo small lah.

Flea Market
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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Welcome Home!!

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Manman has returned from AmericA. kboX session is of course the CORRECT thingy!!! Haha.

3 makes a PERFECT TEAM :)
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Me and Manman
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Me and Manman II
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Friday, August 11, 2006

Special Mention: ZueE

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ZueE is the ULTIMATE WINNER for the mahjong session!

p/s: hope u are happy now! Hahaha.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy National Day!

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This is my 20th year as a Singaporean.

9th August, a SPECIAL day to remember. It is Singapore's 41st Birthday. Come and think of it, this is my 2nd National Day celebrated as a NSF. All the years before , seeing the parade form up and the marching contigent, my impression will be WOW, so cool. As an NSF, the perspective of seeing the parade changed. It became i am super impressed by the contigent ability to march and coordinate so well all the drills, the effort they put in and the numerous weekends burned for them. I saw Wenjian on the parade! Haha. Okay, i actually understand most of the commands given by the Parade Commander. Haha, something different this year. Wahaha.

Today me, BY, zuee met up at YuExin's grandma's house for a Majiong session. Haha. It was so fun playing majiong!!! Haha, zuee reminded that we are so "gamblers" lor. Thanks, but its true. Seriously, nobaody is really good at it and we actually played the whole game wrongly (the direction of counting etc) until her auntie came and corrected us. Haha. Funny. I need to book in today lor. Sian.

first game, first round, first win
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Notice the type of cards discarded
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Happy National Day to Singapore!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Shirt- Belt- Chocolates!!!

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After the gruelling 8km route march we had on Monday, i finally booked out today with aches and pain on my shoulders, back and legs... Me, QY, KS and Guanrong went to eat Gelare. Yup.. it is so so delicious. Wahaha.

I bought an Espirit shirt and a TopMan belt today. So satisfying. I LOVE THEM!

KS bought chocolates for me. They taste REALLY GREAT! I LOVE THEM! DELICIOUS!
*thank you very much*thank you very much*thank you very much*thank you very much*
*thank you very much*thank you very much*thank you very much*thank you very much*
*thank you very much*thank you very much*thank you very much*thank you very much*
*thank you very much*thank you very much*thank you very much*thank you very much*
*thank you very much*thank you very much*thank you very much*thank you very much*

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Wahaha. PLaying Majiong tomorrow!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mega Outing

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The last Sounders outing (before the girls go uni) was held yesterday. A pity xinwei cannot make it. We all decide to do something different from what we normally do (which is movie watching!). Haha. It was then suggested we go MIND Café to spend our afternoon there. 3 hours of boardgame adventure begins! We started off with Jurassic jumble, followed by first hand, taboo, sequence, squint, Uno- the Harry Potter Version and lastly pictionary (my version). Wahaha. As expected, my first attempt at my first game flopped miserably. Haha. For sequence, zuee was super lucky lah, with almost all the Jacks in her hands lor. As for Taboo game, me and BY tied with the lovers pair (Zhiqi and Zhaoyang). Wahaha. So cool. Thanks so much Zhiqi for whipping out the $10 MIND café voucher! Haha…

We then proceeded to LJS for dinner. Supposingly it was to be at Tao’s Restaurant. Budget constraints made us settle at LJS. Haha. After which we went to Coffee Club for desserts. Hours of non-stop talking! Wahaha. It was really fun. Oh ya.. zuee made a HUGE “sacrifice” for this outing. She gave up her ticket to watch Superband Finals and watch MiluBing. Yup. Bingyi left early as he had Guard Duty the next day. Haha. Here are some pics to round up this entry!

Roses i bought for my dears:
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Girls enjoying themselves:
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3 pretty ladies:
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yuexin looks great in this pic:
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This we look great! :
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Zhiqi and mE:
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My prEseNt to Xinwei (so much courage to pose for it in public lah):
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to zuee: I did not pose that pic k. Haha. but hor i dont see anything wrong with it. the reason u said to me not to pst that pic wasnt true la. u worry too much le. Wahaha.

Guard Duty

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Friday was off. But I had to return to camp in the afternoon for the sake of my Guard duty. Sian. Not that it firstly disrupted my long break, but also will reduce me of my sleeping time. I had a MEGA OUTING on Saturady de leh. Haha. Went kino with Lunny, Minghan, QY and KS. 20% off!! Haha.

This guard duty was one of the most fun one I had done! Partly due to the BOS (who is my PS), and partly due to the people doing it. Watched the last episode of Love Zero Degrees C. Clearly, 2 conclusions can be drawn from it. 1. Anna is a BITCH. 2. Weixiang finally gets the heart of Yixin. Yay!! I believe that the girls will be happy. Especially, zuee and yuExiN. Haha. PS is super good lah.. he called me and ask me to ask the platoon whether we wanted nasi lemak since OM was not open that day. PS slept in guard room that night.